Saturday, April 09, 2005

Lots of Stuff

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m sorry. I really like doing this it’s just hard when I have to make time to come all the way over to the computer lab to do it because my computer is shot for the time being. Not to mention my wife hates for me to leave her alone for any amount of time. So, I guess in this post I will bring you up to snuff with some of the highlites that have happened to me in the last week and a half.

First up: I am having issues waking up in the morning. Consequently I have missed a few of my early Art Critique classes. I believe I have found the cause however. It appears that LJ is a habitual alarm snoozer and turner-off’er, this means that though the alarm may be set appropriately I may only get the smallest window of time to hear it before it is shut off by my half-dazed, groggy wife.

Solutions? Since it is likely that I might do the same it has been mutually decided that merely moving the clock to my side of the bed will do no good. It is then apparent that we must get a new alarm clock.

This opens up a whole new argument however. Who gets this new alarm clock? Also, who gets to choose the style? I believe that I should get it as I am the one who has been inconvenienced for the last two weeks. However she asserts that it should be her right as it is technically my alarm clock on her side of the bed. I feel this argument is preposterous though because we are married now and the clock was brought into the marriage ergo it is both of ours. I want a cool and fun clock that looks like a robot or something and she thinks that’s childish. If you have any suggestions on how to resolve this then just comment below, or send a link to some cool alarm clock sites. Moving on…

Next: My parents and brother and family friends came down last weekend and we played paintball. I would like to take a moment now and say how disappointed I am at some people who shall remain nameless. I talked to about four people, outside of the ones already coming down, to join our paintball game. Two of these four were kind of last minute so I understand their not showing up. They also told me that they had work on that day and may not be able to come. That’s understandable. DeWey even called to tell us he couldn’t make it on the day and offered his gun in his stead (for anyone else who wanted to use it, a very cool gesture I might add. Thanks DeWey). Now the other two I am a bit pissed at. Not only had they known about the game for a month in advance but they gave me their word they would be there on time and ready to play. Did they call to cancel? No. Did they send their regrets later? No. They just decided to no-show and leave us in the lurch for players.
Paintball, for those who don’t know, has the same needs as a basketball game. You need even teams and you need enough to make it fun. I am upset because I thought these guys were a lock and they decided to snub us. Not cool. We still played though and it was still fun. Let me give you the stats.

  • Most Improved Player: Courtney, for his magnificent comeback after playing so blowfully early on.
  • Most Likely to go “Ape-Crazy”: Patrick, for his tree shaking anger display.
  • Most Likely to Take a Shot to the Face: Adam, for taking many repeated rounds to the face.

And Finally….

  • MVP: Mike, for his outstanding playing all around.

Good job guys. Thanks for playing.

Finally: I have decided what to do for my art project! If you can recall I was having a lot of difficulty with what I should do to represent myself artistically. I think I will bring in some of the shirts I have stenciled. I feel that not only are they, for the most part, my own creation but they also show a side of me that reflects my personality to some degree. More so than a giant 5 foot poo. I am working on a political design now that is kind of a slap at Social Security... I can’t wait. I’ll post pictures of all my works when I am finished. Anyway, nice to post again. I’ll write more soon.


mommyjolle said...

Jeesh, not even one comment about the "old geezers" who came down to see you! Next time I'm bringing a supersonic, mondo speed repeating paint ball gun and whup your ass!
Love, Mom

Da Beef said...

why don't you guys just move the alarm clock across the room so it is then neither hers nor yours, and that makes it much harder to hit snooze! Trust me...I know! Sorry about my brother standing you up on the whole paintball thang. He said he was sick, however, I am not going to make any excuses for him.

Brillig said...

Thanks "MS", I apreciate it. I was just really let down by the whole paintball thing. In theory the whole moving it across the room would work, but both of us want the convenience of a snooze feature. Thanks for the comment though.

Mad Mike said...

There are none greater at paintball than the deadly assasin stalker. I am a close second though.