Thursday, June 26, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls

I found out a week ago, but I was out on session in very remote Nevada. The baby is a girl. I am very happy. Before you all get worked up into a pink and frilly lather though, let me be quite clear. My baby is going to be a tom-boy and awesome to boot. So, no little bonnets and lacey dresses; No pink teddy bears and Barbi dolls. This girl is going to kick ass just like her old man. Not to say that she won’t be a drop dead knock out, who can be just as feminine as any other chick. Think of a cross between Lara Croft, Joan Jett, and Katharine Hepburn.

I’m totally stoked to meet her. I have so much to show her. The only real problems I can think of are the lame, misogynistic activities that are crammed down girl’s throats nowadays. I mean from my limited experience with the girl scouts, it is damn near impossible to go hiking or repelling and don’t even think about not selling cookies. Hell, you can’t even be a dude and be involved as an adult leader. She’ll have to deal with guys always thinking she can’t drive stick (which she will by age five) or that she won’t know anything about cars. The attitudes surrounding all sorts of “this is for boys”, “that is for girls” bullshit.

Still, I won’t get too concerned about it yet. Besides if she is anything like LJ and I she won’t really care about or tolerate people like that. I just can’t wait to have this kid. Man, what a trip. Me…a dad.

I have some pictures. Now, the orange one looks a bit weird because it’s a 3D imaging software that they use, not an actual image from inside the uterus. I also cropped out the umbilical chord for you queasy wusses.

The hand one, I was told by a reliable source, was taken just after my little girl was making another gesture. From the description, and my genetic influences I can only assume it was something like this.

Finally, we are trying to come up with baby names. My personal favorite thus far is Autumn Rose, but LJ isn’t a fan. We have heard suggestions ranging from Carson to Nicollet (ewww). So, if you have any ideas be sure to shoot ‘em our way. I’ll try and keep you updated.