Monday, April 18, 2005

The Future…The Future…what, what, The Future…

This semester is winding down. Yay! I am so ready to be done. I had a talk with my advisor who has told me that all I need to graduate is one more class (that I can take online for half a semester) and the CLAST (a math exam). Yeah, I’m worried about the math one but the last class is an internet learning course that should be an easy A. I can pass the math test; Hell, if I could get through Spanish 2 I can do almost anything.

So one more half semester in which I really don’t even need to go to a class unless I choose to take something else for shits and giggles. I may, so that I can use the financial aid money. Probably an easy A as well something like basket weaving 101. However, I do want to take something that will look good on my transcript.

Anyway, it’s all coming to an end and I can finally move out of this God forsaken town and start my life. I will walk at the end of fall because they don’t have a ceremony in summer. I guess I will come back for it. I owe everyone who has helped me at least that much. Thanks Mom & Dad, Nana & Pa, and of course LJ. I won’t say I couldn’t have done it with out you (I believe in myself too much to say that), but I will say that it would have been a lot harder than it already was. All of your support both financial and emotional and even sometimes academic has been an incalculable aid to me.

Now, I just need to get out there and get a job and start kicking some ass. When I put my mind to finish something I almost always succeed so now it will be career and money.

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SebbaJ said...

Congratulations Mark! I know you'll be so happy to enter the next chapter of your life....I'm very happy for you & LJ.