Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's not ALL about me

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. It seems I start a lot of posts that way. I have no excuse.Well here’s one; I have been doing a lot of office work recently which means that I sit inside all day and type on the computer, so coming home and doing the same really doesn’t interest me too much. Also I feel like nothing is really going on. Maybe, I can recap some stuff for you though. Ok, recently my parents and my sister came out to visit.

That was pretty cool because we haven’t seen anybody we knew since we first got out here. We went and saw some sites, ate out…you know the usual. My grandfather sent out some of the best cookies ever with them (Pinwheels) so that I could get some grandparent affection from back east. He even got up early on the day my parents were leaving to take the cookies over and made sure they packed them. Now, that is love. It’s kinda funny too. My grandfather and I love these cookies…like a lot. He gets them special then stockpiles them in a back closet that, if I remember right, my father told me he keeps specially cooled so that he can enjoy them in summer (they aren’t sold in summer in the south east due to the heat and moisture). God I hope I am this obsessive about chocolate when I am his age. What a role model.

He knows I love these cookies and has made sure that he has enough, on hand at all times, so that he and I can sit down and enjoy some together. In fact, he has always kinda surprised me with the links to which he will go to ensure that I have some of these cookies whenever possible. I was driving somewhere recently, just sort of thinking to myself, and I had this funny thought flash through my mind. Sadly, in this thought my grandfather had passed away and I was being read the will from some nameless attorney. “…and finally”, he reads, “I leave my entire Pinwheel Bonanza to Mark. I hope I saved enough to last him the rest of his life.” Then I am led to a warehouse much like the one at the end of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc. Where rows and rows of cookies as far the eye can see have been slowly stored for years. Beautiful.

Back to my parents. We all had a good time. LJ and I loved having them out here. My brother couldn’t come because his comedy career has taken off so that it is hard to get him anywhere that he isn’t being paid to be. I am so proud of him. I have to admit I really thought that he wasn’t going to do well in comedy, I am so glad I was dead wrong. He really is quite a funny guy and this really seems to suit him. He was never really a 9 to 5 kinda guy anyway. My sis (sorry Adrienne. I couldn't find your blog) is starting classes in college again and everything is just sort of rollin’ on as things do. Oh, my mother just started here first week of teaching high school. That promises to be interesting I’m sure. I hope she likes it, though I’m sure she will.

No, real big news other than LJ and I are both tossing around the idea of grad school. I don’t know which of us will do it or even whether that will happen at all, but I’ll just say we are thinking about the option. If I do it I am hoping to do one of those programs where you get your masters and doctorate rolled into like four years, but again we’ll see. ‘Course, if I do ever get a doctorate I’ll have to change my last name to like ‘X’ or ‘Strangelove’ or something.

Oh yeah, you guys should check out my buddy Mike’s blog. He has revamped it and has started blogging again. His content is second only to Half Assed’s and the site looks great too! It also appears that he has built a new site for Reference Toxicity, the only web comic H/A endorces due to the fact that I am a semi-pivital and reoccuring chacacter! Also, it's funny.

Lets see...ummm...oh, my hit counter is about to go over 6,000! Thats pretty cool. This hasn’t really been a very topical blog, but hey maybe I’ll have some half assed opinions about something next week…or the week after…or the week after…


Mad Mike said...

Thanks for the endorsement and the accolades for my reincarnated site. I have to note that you have links to two other web comics on your site so that would lead one to believe that I am the thrid comic you endorse but it is still appreciated.

Nana and Pa said...

Mark I knew you would enjoy the Pinwheels, they were the only thing I could think of to send you. I'm glad you enjoy your new job, it's right down your alley. Nana and I send our love to you and Laura. We think you found your soulmate in Laura. Love Nana and Pa.

PHATPAT said...

your right i do rock.. if thats what you were leaning towards