Sunday, August 20, 2006


Yay, I’m a happy boy! Let me just start by saying that, with LJ’s help and nagging, I got myself signed up for a college class on statistics at a local community college. This will complete my CLAST requirement that UWF needed so I can finally collect my degree. As some of you might remember this is more of a technicality for completion of my bachelors yet they just won’t give me my sheepskin without it, go figure. Back to topic, this class is offered online. Which is good because in order to keep busy with my job I have to be able to go out on sessions So, in order to get online while out in the boonies LJ bought me a laptop!

I feel like a sweaty nerd at comiccon, renfair, and dragoncon all in one. I’m so happy! In fact I am actually writing this sitting in a Panera Bread in Sacramento, while LJ is working a booth at the California State Fair. I am totally mobile now. I can write blogs at home or anywhere I feel like. This laptop, or Lappy as LJ and I have named it, has 100gb, 1.8ghz processing speed, and an upgraded graphics card. I love it.

Years ago Andrew built a computer for me for like $500 and told me that owning my own computer will drastically improve my knowledge of the hardware and software. He was right. For the next like five years or so I have gutted the thing and installed all sorts of stuff and repaired it either by myself or with the help of various friends. Yet over time I invested less and less into it. Consequently it is now almost worthless and crashes kinda frequently. Hopefully though I will start putting some money into it and getting Desky back up to current par.


LJ and I have been saving up for a new car for the past 6 months or so. We thought we were in pretty good shape about three months ago so we went and talked to some car dealers. Well, other than getting the run-around, talked down to, and even threatened we came away with a different idea of what we needed to do before getting the new car. At first we had saved only like three grand for this but in order to get a good interest rate we feel like we need to put down like eight or more. So, in like another three months, NEW CAR!

I’m not really excited about the car per say, I am really eager to get that purchase out of the way so that we will have two reliable vehicles and then I can get a motorcycle. Yep, the bike is my real goal. I am so happy I married this girl she can really organize things, something I have been miserable at since my teachers saw the inside of my desk in elementary school.


super_spam said...

The title had me thinking you went shopping at a dirty Nevada novelty shop. With all the prostitution and gambling out there, I'd bet those shops would even make make a dirty old man blush.

I say don't sweat the interest rate part of it so much. On car loans it usually only makes a difference of a few bucks every month. Just pay enough down so that you can live with the monthly payment.

What kind of car are you shopping for? If you save up $8000, you could pretty much buy a used car outright.

Thousandlegs said...

Well, I hope that you and Lappy can still find some time for LJy. Congratulations on the new purchase. On another note, however, you should feel like a nerd just for knowing AND referencing comiccon, renfair and dragoncon in one sentence. Now, for the car, what kind are you thinking of? I think that you should have a real beating-through-the-desert Indiana Jones type of car...maybe a Hummer. C'mon, what man doesn't want a Hummer?

Da Beef said...

Congrats on the new "toys". Of course...I was thinking something dirty too. What was LJ doing at the fair? Something crafty I'm assuming! Well have fun with all your new stuff. Now you can go to Starbucks and blog and be a yuppie like all the others ;). Isn't wonderful to have a woman who likes to organize? I think we are pretty damn special that way. Talk to you guys soon.