Monday, June 13, 2005

Smooth Criminal

I watched the Michael Jackson case today on FOX News. I have to admit I was strangely curious about the outcome. In the weeks to come I am sure there will be a lot of debate on the results (for anyone who lives in a cave and has internet but only gets this web page for some reason, it was not guilty on all charges) and the public’s reaction and the presumption of guilt that I am sure will follow Michael for possibly the rest of his life.

For me, I feel that the guy is weird to say the least. Has he done anything sexually oriented with any little boys? Well, I am sure that he may have. As to whether or not he did with this boy, whether you like it or not, he was tried and found innocent. Do I feel the guy is innocent of any other misconduct? Again, probably not; the thing that most of us have to keep in mind is this: It doesn’t matter what you may think of the person on trial or how well you think you know the case. If you weren’t there when the crime was committed then you have no authority to pass judgment, that’s what a jury is for. I would expect that most of you would feel the same if you were on trail for something you didn’t do. It is a bittersweet reality of our justice system here in America.

I know one thing, if I was Michael I would be praying night and day for the next week to any and all Gods he can think of. The dude would never have made it in prison for any amount of time. I would be willing to bet that he would have been dead within a week of going in. Also, if I were in Michael’s family I would do my very best to have somewhat of an intervention for the guy. Look he may or may not have fondled little boys but, the dude is a pedophile and he needs help. He also needs the people around him to save him from himself. They need to hire someone to just hang with the guy and make sure there is no way he is ever in the same room as a minor so there will never be any question about this kind of conduct. The guy needs to play it safe as hell for the rest of his life.

Of course a good P.R. campaign wouldn’t hurt. This time though don’t let him run it. He can’t be pictured as this “boy who never grew up”, mentally abused, shut in. He needs to get out. Go to parties (not birthday parties at Chucky Cheese), go to events, hang with sports stars or rappers. Then he needs to do a major image overhaul. Maybe let Dr. Dre help with some videos and let Lil John do the wardrobe. In five years, if he plays his cards right, he could be a person who parents wouldn’t let their kids near and solve any question about his sexuality at the same time.

*Thanks to Mike for help editing the picture


Nothing Like It said...

I'm glad that he was not found guilty...I don't know if he is or not but like you said, no one has the authority to pass judgement on that apart from the jury and they made their decision.

bobo said...

It has been 20 years and I now I get to exact the horrible revenge of reminding my old college buddies how much they loved Michael Jackson, not just his music but everything about him. Every freaky thing he does is just one more dart that I can throw.

Brillig said...

Ha Ha Ha, indeed! How quickly we forget. Lots of people were into The Backstreet Boys too, or Milly-Vanilly, because they were hard core...yeah. Dorks.

mommyjolle said...

Yeah, I figure the jury saw everything the prosecution had that could possibly make him look guilty and since they didn't see enough to convict him, so be it. Still, I don't think anyone would disagree that having pre-adolescent boys who are not related to you sleeping in the same bed is pretty questionable even if no sexual activity took place. Jackson needs his attorney to slap him into reality and get him to understand how this is playing with the rest of us. NO-ONE buys the "sharing and caring" story! I'm afraid his career is pretty much DOA. I don't think I can take an artist that shows up to court in pajamas.
He WAS a big talent and I enjoyed it when he was a performer but I think I'm ready for him to disappear into the sunset. I'm Jacksoned out.

Mad Mike said...

I'm sorry but all of you know that if this case were filed against blue collar "insert your name here", you'd be in jail right now getting your ass passed around for cigarettes right now. Money buys freedom. Like a public defender could have gotten those charges not to stick.

Your New Sleeping Aid said...

I gotta go with Mike on this one. Bottom line, I don't know the facts, but I cannot, in good conscience, that he could possibly be innocent.
I think our justice system is as good as possible, but the "beyond a shadow of a doubt" burden of proof gives a quality lawyer the means to manufacture doubt. A poor lawyer isn't going to have the resources or the slime to find ways to manipulate the truth, or witnesses, etc.
I hate to think anyone has been falsley convicted, though i know it happens quite frequently, but i still cringe when i think about others getting off because of a strong team of lawyers. It makes a mochary of our j-di-shul sytem.
p.s. I hate you.