Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blurry Vision

I went to get my eyes examined today. It took forty-five minutes and I had to get eye drops that made my corneas dilate. At the end I was all geared up to get my contacts and take them home. It was going to be like Christmas…for my eyes! Did this happen? No. “Well, now we have to see you put in and take out a pair of contacts before we can give you yours”, the lady says. “Why?” I ask incredulously. “It’s the law”, she replies. So as not to be a poor sport I’d try.

I have never put in a contact before and for this reason I have never had to remove them. My eyes at this point were already red and irritated from the glaucoma test and the dilation eye drops, not to mention that they had had lights shined in them and were manhandled by the optometrist, but I said ok. I tried to get those damned things in for half an hour with this woman sitting across the table from me telling me that fourteen year old girls can do it so I should be able to. Eventually I get frustrated and my eyes are killing me so I decide to leave. I pay $99 and leave with a receipt. Did I get my prescription? No. Did I get a pair of trial contacts to try at home? No. I left with the satisfaction of knowing that I had my eyes examined and my pupils throbbing for that lofty price.

I have to go back tomorrow and try again. If I fail to get those bastards in and out then I will go home empty handed again. I can repeat this process though, the wonderful woman taking my money told me. Great, I think to myself. I would have rather been informed before I’d taken the eye exam that should I fail a test at the end I wouldn’t be receiving the contacts I paid for. Maybe I’ll practice with LJ’s before I go back. Still, I have never heard of a law that states you don’t necessarily have to get a product that you paid for.

What a jip.


LJ said...

Just keep trying. You'll eventually get them in and out, and then you can bring them home and get more comfortable with the whole process. I think in the end, the contacts will be worth the patience.

Your New Sleeping Aid said...

u r a pussy. try being more cerebral.

Nothing Like It said...

Hehe, poor you...when you're looking in the mirror, try and relax the eye you're holding open. Also, remember not to blink once you put it in because it will probably fall out!

Good luck :p

Brillig said...

Thanks LJ, and N.L.I. I really appreciate the encouragement. I’ll get the damn things in if I have to take the eye out to do it. Then I’ll say “Ha Ha, take that Target Optical. Now give me my prescription.”

super_spam said...

This happened to me too so no hard feelings. I gave up and let the doctor keep the new set of contacts. I think I'm doomed to wear glasses the rest of my life.