Friday, February 25, 2005

White Wedding

A friend of mine named Andrew is at long last engaged to be wed. This is a minor miracle considering who the individual is. I have known Andrew from boy scouts. We were friends in college and stay in touch from time to time. He is really a great guy, but a bit on the reluctant side. Yeah, he’ll blast a loud and noxious fart out of a bedroom door into a room full of unsuspecting strangers, but he has difficulty proposing to a woman that in another few months would be a common-law spouse.

I have been nagging him about when he was going to pop the question to Stephanie for years and he would always shirk the subject to something else. The guy is crazy about this girl but can’t get the force of will up to ask her to marry him. Well I’m glad he did.

I had a discussion with him on the phone a few months ago and he told me that he was thinking of proposing. He told me he wanted to do something practical for an engagement gift, not a ring…like forgiving a $600 loan she had outstanding to him. Needless to say, I laughed my ass off. Then when it was apparent that he was serious I pleaded for him to get a ring (knowing that he was playing matches in a TNT warehouse). So then we start talking about the ring. He tells me that there are lab created diamonds that are made flawless and cost much less than the real deal. A little while later we had finally agreed that he would spend the extra cash on a real diamond…after he bought a new car.

Anyway, I am so proud of Andrew that I am about to bust. He has told me that his wedding is in October. I plan on going with bells on. On a different subject though…

I just went to an art exhibit at school and there were several pieces there that were very blog worthy, you’ll have to wait for those however. To give this next blog justice I’ll have to get some photo’s to incorporate into the whole text to add just the right je ne sé que.


Your New Sleeping Aid said...

Hey! Whats up with your bitch-ass not commenting on my blog. You always rip my shit when I bitch and moan and offer your lame ass opinion about things you can't even appreciate, then I write something different and non-whiney and you don't even comment. At least Mike had the cajones to leave some kind of comment. And don't tell me my shit isn't funny. There is some cool ass stuff in that post. Plus, I gave you props.

tigerita said...

very nice! my "engagement ring" was a silver necklace with a heart-shaped padlock, and the ring i gave him was a brass ww2 soviet soldier's ring. anyone who knows me at all would never dare to give me a diamond. but i totally recognise that some people are more traditional than me... sounds like you gave your friend some good advice!

plus you get bonus points for being my shelby cobra buddy.