Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Warning: The following is an account of real events that may
or may not have actually happend.

I heard this story on the radio a while back and thought it was hilarious, so I wanted to share it with everyone who may not have heard it.

A woman goes to a grocery store one hot afternoon. As she is walking through the parking lot to enter the store she sees a woman in her car with her head resting on the steering wheel. She thinks the woman is just resting; it is a hot day after all. She goes in, gets her groceries and leaves the store. On her way out she sees that the woman is still there in the parking lot with her head still on the steering wheel. “Maybe she is having trouble of some sort”, the woman thinks. So, she approaches the car to help. She bends over and asks the woman in the car if she is all right. “I’ve been shot”, the woman responds. In surprise the Good Samaritan asks, “where?” “In the back of the neck. I got into my car after putting my groceries in the back and then I heard a shot and felt something hit the back of my neck.” The Samaritan carefully checks the back of her neck expecting a horrible gunshot wound. Instead she finds…a biscuit. Upon further investigation the Samaritan found an exploded can of instant biscuits in the backseat of the car. Apparently the woman had come out to her car on this hot day, placed her groceries in the backseat then got in the front as the can of biscuit dough in the back exploded shooting biscuit shrapnel, against all odds, too the back of her neck. The Samaritan leaned back toward the woman and uttered the comforting words, “Um, it’s a biscuit”.

I love this story. It just strikes me right in the funny bone with a supersonic biscuit projectile. I have been told however that this is actually an urban legend, but that isn’t the point. Even a good urban legend can be funny or scary or just entertaining. Anyway from now on I am going to handle my instant biscuit can as carefully as a loaded gun. You just never know when it might go off like a buscuit-gauge shotgun.

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