Sunday, January 23, 2005

There’s a party over here

…everybody bring your own beer?

Well, we started listening to some Flogging Molly tonight and that lead to talk of a St. Patty’s Day party. It’s a while away but the prime ingredient in any good theme party is preparation. We have to make up some invites and get the place ready and come up with what we should serve, etc. etc.

I’m kinda stoked. I haven’t thrown a party in a long while. I hope its big (not too big) but I also want it to be good, i.e. people are dancing, games are played, ya know…fun. I have been to several parties and some are flops but some are great. I just don’t want this to end up being the old standard high school kegger.

It seems that people my age only know one party format. Come to party at which will be a keg in back then drink yourself into a stupor and vomit somewhere after having sat in one location all night then leave for home and talk about how that party was the best ever. The merit of said party being scaled by how much alcohol you’ve consumed. I just think that alcohol is good as a social lubricant, but it shouldn’t be the focal point. I yearn to have a social network of people who can bring fun with them and not rely on drunkenness for it.

Tonight, for example, we were all downstairs hanging out. I threw on a CD I that had some Michael Jackson on it and we all started dancing like to Thriller and Billy Jean and such. It was great! Mike was getting his groove on. I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t dance when he goes out places. That dude has some rhythm. Point is, seeing someone comfortable enough to give a shot at the thriller dance (totally sober) makes me think “Now here is a person who can have a good time and spread that feeling around.”

If anyone has any good party suggestions give’em up. We will be trying to throw a song list together, so if you wanna suggest some good St. Patrick’s day dance or just party music leave a comment.


Your New Sleeping Aid said...

let me know when. I will be there.
you gotta hook me up with flogging molly. My "friend" from Arizona is a big fan of them. I dont recall ever hearing them, though. I will come up with some kewl songs for you. Then I will come down there, drink lots of beer, start a fight, cry about how we don't hang out anymore, call E., go find her, beat up her new boyfriend, cry about how I thought I was over her, vomit on myself in a back alley somewhere, drive home, hit a parked car (or a handicap sign, fu#&ing patrick), storm into your house, collapse on the couch, piss myself, wake up with a wicked hangover, aplolize insessently for ruining the couch, and the coffe table, and the carpet, and dog, buy everyone breakfast, apologize again, go home, wish I'd never left the safe cocoon of my apartment, then tell my coworkers on Monday it was "the best party I ever went to!"

Your New Sleeping Aid said...

This is very odd. I thought i posted a comment earlier...
Anyway. Invite me to the party. Just let me know when it is.
I will come, have a few beers, have a few more, get mad, start a fight, calm down, cry about not being in Pensacola anymore, whine cause "we don't hang out anymore, maaaan," get angry again, go look for E., get pissed at whomever she is dating now, kick his ass, drink some more, cry about beating up some complete stranger, fight with E., cus her out, drink some more, drive back to your place, hit a parked car, keep driving, hit another car, storm into your house, wake everyone up, go outside and puke, come back in and puke, pass out on the couch, piss myself, wake up with a wicked hangover, apologize incessently for peeing on the couch, the coffee table, the carpet, the dog, buy everyone breakfast, apologize again, pack my stuff, go home, try to prepare myself for work on Monday, go into work still feeling like crap, tell everyone at work how it was "the best party EVER!!!"
Or I could just bring pictionary.