Friday, November 19, 2004

My Fondest Christmas Wishes

The Christmas season is swiftly approaching, however for LJ and me it is hurtling toward us like the sidewalk toward a hamster thrown from a three-story window. I say this because we have to leave December 14th for Hawaii. We are going to see my in-laws out there. It’s not like we are all that revved up to go either; I know we should be, but its not like we can afford to leave. We are already in dire straits financially. In fact this Christmas we may end up stealing toys from the orphanage down the road for gifts. At least this time we’ll have a good reason.

Anyway the point is that in order to not miss Christmas all together for my family we have to arrange for gifts for everyone before we leave. This is proving difficult as our cash is tied up in living expencess. My birthday falls on Dec. 12th so I guess I just feel rushed. I have also been told to get a list together of what LJ and I might want for Christmas before we leave.
So with out further adieu…The List.

Mark’s List

1) Jak III

2) Ratchet and Clank, Up Your Arsenal

3) Rob Zombie, The Sinister Urge (Not the Clean Version)

4) The fifth gunslinger novel on CD, “Wolves of Calla”

5) A new Mummy Bag

6) Low-cut black, Converse All-Stars, size 10

7) MP3 player

8) A Shower radio/CD Player/Mirror

9) Maybe just some fun stuff…electronics are always good.

LJ’s List

1) Norah Jones CD, “Feels like Home”

2) Stitch and Bitch Nation, the new book by Debbie Stoller

3) Interchangeable circular knitting needles,
Or a set of multiple size circular knitting needles
Or a set of multiple size double pointed needles

4) Old Navy clothes

5) Low-cut black, Converse All-Stars, size 8

I know I sound like a greedy SOB, but what can I do? It’s my birthday and Christmas. Now my wife on the other hand, she is a greedy SOB.

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Brian said...

DUDE! I could burn you a copy of the Norah Jones CD. I have it on my computer as mp3s. I have tons of mp3s. Let me know what ya want.