Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Education Smeducation

For like the past year I have been playing this strange cat and mouse / telephone tag game with my University in Florida. I have been slowly, yet steadily, been making progress toward graduation. Well, the day finally came and it was a lot more unceremonious than I figured it would be. Some office peon just asked me for my social before she could talk to me further, probably to look at my GPA to see if she should be rude or not, when she got back on the line her exact words were “Oh, you’ve graduated”. “What?! Seriously?” I inquired. “Yep, you’re done”. As simple as that. LJ and I were on our way to work when I made the call; I guess it didn’t really sink in till later. So, now I am in the throws of planning for the graduation ceremony.

I must say this has been a looooooong time coming. Yeah, it has taken just under a decade to for me to do, but what can I say? Life, to me, has never been about competing against others as far as timeframes go. I had a really hard time with…well everything when it comes to school. I look at this more like me topping Everest rather than me coming in last in some “race”. Besides, I know a lot of people in my program who are waiting tables or doing other jobs that frankly are beneath their talents, who graduated on time and with a good GPA, yet I’m the one working in my field. Anyway, my diploma is on its way as well as my transcripts. Inconsequently, my middle name on the diploma will say “Danger” so that everyone will know how I live my life…Dangeresque.

On a completely different subject, someone from my old high school class just contacted me through myspace to send me an invite to our ten year reunion. Now, my question is, who really goes to those things and why? LJ and I talked about it and I came to the understanding that if you were raised in a small town where you literally knew everyone it would kinda make sense to go. However, I felt that the people you met in collage or in other places might be more important to you. The only reason I could figure people would go would be to measure themselves against others from the same origins. So, like if you became a celebrity or really successful you might want to go. Or maybe if you wanted to get one last shot at that girl (or guy) you always wanted to sleep with, then I could see that. Otherwise it kinda just seems like masturbation. I dunno, you tell me what you think.

Also, give me kudos on graduating…you ignorant plebs.


thousandlegs said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well sir, having said that, I don't know if you recall but I grew up in a very small town. Approximately 3000 people...on a good day. When the time came for my 10 year reunion I didn't even hear about where or when it would be. That's all the same to me though because I wouldn't have gone anyway. The point is that it doesn't matter if you went to a big school or a small one. The only people who really need to go to a high school reunion are those who have lived the last 10 years of their lives holed up in memories of how cool they were and feel that it is imparative that they have just one more chance to embrace that god like feeling of being the quarterback and escape the hoi polloi. As for the masturbation...I don't see the comparison.

Brillig said...

Well, you just described it. Unless of course you were being funny, its so hard to tell when you're reading it. Self gratification = one last chance at Godhood. C'mon!

Da Beef said...

Sweet...your legit now "Danger". You gonna come back and walk? As for the reunion....mine is this year too. And I am actually planning on going. I can see how you guys might think it is a waste and a chance for some to show off...which I'm sure it will be. But I have a friend at home that I saty in contact with and she bunps into some of our former classmates and gets a chance to talk to them. I never get to see any of them. Some of whom I don't want to see, but I think that I want to go to see how people have changed and see who has stayed the same. A chance to reminisce and get drunk! Also a n excuse to go home which I don't get to do so often. So...take that into consideration also before you veto the whole reunion idea.