Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dumber Days

LJ and I watched a movie tonight that set forth a series of events that led to this very post. The movie was Idiocracy, written by Mike Judge. It was one of the most horrific and terrifying movies I’ve ever seen. The premise is based on a man of totally average intelligence from our time getting frozen and reanimated in the distant future. Normally this wouldn’t be so bad, normally, but in this future everyone is an idiot. The reason is, intelligent people get bread out of existence while idiots of every creed, race, and socioeconomic class breed like jackrabbits. In 500 years the entire population is somewhere within the realm of 60 to 80 on the IQ charts.

After watching it LJ and I embroiled ourselves in our favorite pastime…arguing the same point but at different degrees. She believed that the population was probably doomed to such a fate while I believed that people will probably keep on as they have for thousands of years with equal numbers of intelligent and not so intelligent people roaming the Earth. At the end of the debate I decided that I needed to take an IQ test*.

Let me just sandbag for a moment. I took an IQ test at the age of like eleven and scored 111. It was explained to me that the average IQ fell somewhere between 90 and 110, putting me juuuuuust above average. So, I took an internet test to get a quick gauge and scored 131. “Hurray”, I thought before reading the next line down. Average has moved apparently, as the graph indicated that average falls anywhere between 70 and 130. “Crap”, I thought again, statistically sucker punched. At least I am still one point above average though.

So, I asked LJ what her IQ was and was answered with somewhere between 140 to 147. I also remember my brother taking an IQ test and getting like 138 or something. Let me put down my usual cloak of total intellectual superiority for just one moment and tell you all something serious. I have always felt that any friends worth my time were as smart as or smarter than me. There are a lot of people out there that I could never befriend due to the imbalance of conversational intelligence. I’m not trying to come off as pompous, but according to a free internet test that consisted of 50 questions and took less than 30min to complete, I am smarter than most of you out there…seriously. I admit that I feel that most of my friends are smarter than me, (revel in this moment it may be erased the next time you read this post) but that is what makes it fun for me. I feel that I can converse with those that can digest what I say and form a well thought out and concise reply. There I said it, ‘course how many of you think you are what I would consider a friend…let that roll around in your head for a while.

Back to topic: there are a lot of things out there that annoy people. For some its how people dress, for others it’s what region others may be from. Me, I get annoyed with stupidity. I hate it like a militant lesbian hates men. I look at so many things in our society that are just dumb. And I’m not just talking about what everyone considers dumb like Paris Hilton. No, things like organic food markets, ear candeling, the acceptance by Webster’s of the word irregardless, sending more troops to Iraq, network television, and so many others. Thomas Gray was right “Ignorance is bliss”, because if you’re halfway intellectual you live in a world of dumb-asses.

*I do NOT believe that the results of an IQ test does a smart person make. IQ tests are merely a standardized test that gauges how quickly one may learn something or the aptitude for learning. It isn’t even proven to be totally and completely accurate. At best it’s a ball park figure.


Matthew Lumpkin said...

man, u dun and went and used some big wurdz thar.

I took the same test your brutter did and was fellin pretty darn good bout it two. den i see wher he went an scored the same dam thing as me, well iff in dat dont beat all, i just rapped a plactik sak round my head an after bout half hor or so of dat, it didn't botter me no more.

I fill the same now exept now I really like Larry the cable guy.

LJ said...

I just wanted to say that I based the "IQ" I told Mark on what I have scored in the past on similar online tests to the one he took. Of course those tests are pretty much bunk, so I really don't have a clue what my IQ is. Like most people I'm sure, I consider myself somewhere slightly above average, not that it really matters...
Or does it? I just read an article out in the all knowing internet that people with low childhood IQs were more likely to be hospitalized as adults due to an accident. It also stated that lower childhood IQs are linked to a shorter lifespan. If you're interested, check it out:>1=8921
Perhaps natural selection is still trying to enforce its rules on us humans.

Da Beef said...

Yeah, we watched that movie last night. I really hope that we are not heading in that direction. It really just made me want to go read and educate myself even more. You can't be too Maybe one day I can be president too. At least he was black...progress. I think I feel dumber for just watching the movie!

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that I shouldn't waste my time with the movie? I don't get it.

Brillig said...


Da Beef said...

No...the movie was so-so. It just made me feel dumb. Really sucks ya in! OH My Balls!