Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Parenting is for Suckers

A frazzled mother came into my work a few days ago and was asking me about getting a new cell phone. While I was answering her questions I couldn’t help but notice the 2 year old in her arms struggling like a trout in the arms of a bear. The mother grabbed a box from a nearby shelf to try and appease the increasingly active child but nothing seemed to suffice. The kid wasn’t crying or anything, she was just antsy. So, finally the mother put the toddler down so she could concentrate on my brilliantly crafted sales pitch for the high-priced crap I was selling. The toddler in the meantime was ambling about my legs and trying to get my attention with the aforementioned box. Finally with nothing more than a quick glance and with no break in my sales spiel I took the box and tossed it a few feet away with the words “Go get it!” then seamlessly returned to the sale at hand.

The mother had a mildly shocked look on her face, but afraid to loose the sale I continued to pitch. When her daughter returned to my legs a second time after retrieving the box I repeated my first action with the words “Good girl” in front, then “Go get it” again. When I looked back at the mother this time she looked pissed. “Are you playing fetch with my daughter!?” she asked. Before I could reply with anything more than an “uhhhhh”, she had swooped up the kid, who was on her way back with the box I might add, and walked angrily out of the store.

The lesson here is two fold. One: Parents always think their kid is frick’n Einstein or Martin Luther King Jr. so it is undignified to play “Dog Games” with them. And Two: Kids love “Dog Games”.

I guess the reason I am even thinking of kids right now is because my Sister-in-law just had a baby girl named Olivia Jean ____. From what I hear she is cute as hell and probably as smart as frick’n Einstein or Martin Luther King Jr. Anyway, congrats to LJ and me (Her middle name was in honor of LJ).


Thousandlegs said...

Of course kids love dog games. I have been in a very similar situation, well, minus the sales pitch, the box, and the angry parent. But I have played dog games with the kids before. They love that s--t, although, "good girl" never goes over well with the parents. But there's good news, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by cancelling my policy.

Your New Sleeping Aid said...

kids are stupid. THrow rocks at them. They dont like it, but they dont seem to do anything about it but cry. But that only increases the fun.

Da Beef said...

That is ingenious! You proved how smart the kid was for bringing back a box....and how dumb the parent was for bringing their child into the store and letting them run around! Ah parenting! My kids are going to be the best at frisbee.

thousandlegs said...

F frisbee, my kids are gonna be the best at sit and stay and keep yer damn mouth shut.