Friday, November 18, 2005

Is it Cold Enough for Ya?

It is cold down here in Pensacola…balls cold. So I was thinking about it the other day when I came home from work, walked past my neighbor and into my house. Cold can be an interesting thing, for example:

  • You can get hypothermia at only 95°
  • The common fish can have a body temp. between 74° and 82°
  • It is best to drink wine at 80°
  • Yet, wine ferments between 69° and 65°
  • Most refrigerators are set to 60°
  • Illinois mean temperature is only 50°
  • Average difference between indoor/outdoor temps. is 45°
  • The water in beer will freeze at 32° but the alcohol will not
  • Inversely, my redneck neighbor will sit outside in his folding chair, smoking a cigarette, without a shirt on, in his cutoff jean-shorts at any of these temperatures…though his beer may in fact be frozen.


Mad Mike said...

Just can't get away from the shirtless neighbors

Da Beef said...

Now if he was a she, everything would be alright ......wouldn't it? Maybe his woman likes "the shirtless wonder"!

Your New Sleeping Aid said...

Cold up here too. Thanks for the positive words. I'll be all right. My major concern right now is figuring out how to minimize this disaster so i can function at work.

But on the bright side, i bought two cases of wine!