Wednesday, September 21, 2005

T-Shirts Inc.

A little while back my crafty wife got into T-shirt stencils. Since, she has actually made and even sold self made T-shirts. Me being the forward thinking, trend setter that I am, I decided that it would be cool to make some of my own T-shirts so that I wouldn’t have to be walking around in some over priced, campy, cheesy logo T that wasn’t my campy, cheesy logo T. Now I can have all the flare I need and can make just the right statement by making the designs myself! I just got done with my last one (A Venture Brothers design) that I haven’t even worn out yet and I’m psyched as hell. Here are all the shirts I’ve made thus far…

Kills for bill$ front Kills for Bill$ Back

  • This one is just an idea I came up with while LJ, Mike and I were discussing possible company names and logos for our non-existent company that never happened! I liked it but they thought we wouldn’t be putting out the right image for a calendar company. Oh well.

Pac-Man Front Pac-Man Back

  • This is one I did for an eighties night at a club. I weathered it so as to look as authentic as possible. The back, in my opinion, looks great.

Venture Front Venture Back

  • This is one that I did for my love of the [Adult Swim] show The Venture Brothers. If you haven’t seen it then you have really been missing out. Cartoon Network just started making T-shirts for their shows but I think mine is way cooler.

Game Skull Front

  • This last one some of you may recognize. This is a logo I made for my blog’s button (which can be found at the bottom of the side bar). I call it Game Skull. Now, if I start seeing this design around on shirts or blogs or business cards (because God knows it’s on mine) I’ll be expecting some royalties.

So there you have it my entire fall line. Yes you can expect to see me around town sporting these trendy new T’s. They are perfect for school, sporting events, and weddings…really anywhere.

Coming soon…
Half-Assed T front Half-Assed Tback


LJ said...

Okay, I know this will sound lame, but I am so proud that you have taken to T-shirt stenciling so well. And, I was the one to show you how -yay! I think they all look great.

Da Beef said...

They are pretty sweet! Brad and I went shopping today and I finally have some tshirt I just need to be shown how to do it!

Brillig said...

Well, you know on who's door to come'a knockin'.
We loves to make the T-shirts.

Brian said...

DAMNTI!! I wanna stencil :( Lets have a stencil night. I'll bring alcohol!!