Thursday, September 15, 2005

Medical Mayhem

Half-Assed Opinions: Your source for baseless medical information and indiscriminate biological ramblings.

I have been receiving a shit-load of hits (7 or 8 a day, which is a lot for me so shut up) for the post I did entitled “Sty in the Eye". In fact when I traced it back it appears that my blog is listed 22nd on Metacrawler and just 5th on MSN, just below The Mayo Clinic’s web page. I have been getting so many hits recently due to this that I am considering writing medical info posts to keep up with demand. For my next medical installment I will be discussing diagnosis and treatment of diarrhea. For example, a good sign that you may have diarrhea is if you are sliding into first and you feel something burst. Treatments for this can be as simple as eating fewer Taco Bell three bean burritos or driving in your Chevy less (so as not to feel something heavy), but I don’t want to give away too much baseless medical data just yet.
I just think its funny as hell that people would actually come to my blog of all places to find medical information; funnier still that I am ranked so highly on MSN. However, people who use MSN as a web browser deserve what they get. For now though I’ll enjoy my ill found glory and revel in it, as I tend to do. Maybe I’ll start diagnosing people on the street and then give them my credentials if they ask if I’m a doctor. “Well, Ma’am it seems obvious to me that you have chronic and recessive footyfunkitis. This is a foot stankifacation that can only be remedied by giving me five bucks. Ma’am I am listed just beneath The Mayo Clinic on (*some) medical web searches.”


Lisa said...

I'm always amazed at some of the search words that I've been found on over the web. Amazed sometimes, appalled at other times lol

Thought I'd pop over from Don's blog and say hi. So..HI!

Brillig said...

Hey, nice to see you here.

Your New Sleeping Aid said...

Holy crap that is funny shit! I blew my coke all over my computer screen. It has now shorted.
You owe me a new laptop.

Mad Mike said...

That's funny because when I did a search for dudes who get their asses kicked at Mortal Kombat Deception you were first... The world wide web is amazing.

Da Beef said...

Wow...did you Google your stye too? That's funny though...when I did a search for guys who get their asses kicked in Mortal Kombat by girls...Mike was 2nd (next to Boy George)! WINK! :) Wow...Mark is famous!