Monday, March 07, 2005

Higher Power

I am not a religious person. I haven’t been for a long, long while.

The other day I was talking to Mike about his plight I suppose. He just had his truck fixed for substantially less money than he thought it would cost originally. In the short while that it took to get the truck serviced he didn’t miss a day of work and was still able to hang with his friends. On top of that he was able to make up some work on Saturday that he was unable to do on Thursday due to weather conditions. When I talked to him about this I asked if he had thought about thanking God (thinking of his blog article “There once was a boy named Job”). He said that his computer was still broken.

I thought about myself later that day. If I were religious would there be anything I would pray for? In a way, I supposed, I had prayed for Mike. I was concerned about him getting back on his feet. I genuinely, deeply wanted to be able to make his problems go away. I guess that is similar to praying. I shared my thoughts with LJ and went to bed thinking about it.

Then I thought again about my plight. Would there be anything I would ask God for? I considered this for a pretty long time. The answer I came to was no. There really isn’t anything going on right now with me that I feel is out of my power to change. Certainly in the past there have been situations that were beyond my influence and that I could have prayed over, but right now there isn’t a thing.

I suppose I have come to greater appreciation for prayer. I now believe I understand what it feels like to ask for support from a higher power. To me I kinda felt like my prayers for Mike were answered. Does this mean that I am converted and believe in an almighty God? Eh, not really. I am still agnostic. However, I feel more empathy for those who do believe in a higher being and I suppose I understand how prayer can help people.

So, apparently my prayers get answered. If anyone out there needs anything just send me your prayer on a 5x8 note card with $5.00 attached. Your prayer will be submitted in the order it was received.

*Mark will not be held liable for any prayers that go unanswered. Prayer is a registered trademark of Sacreligion LTD.


LJ said...

Wow, you are actually growing as a spiritual person. I'm so proud. Now, can you get to work on that really high paying job for me?

brilligmark1 said...

As soon as that $5 arrives...

Mad Mike said...

Truthfully I never prayed for God to "help" me. I prayed more for understanding and strength. I don't believe God grants favors to his followers but instead will "guide" one to answers about their prayers. I appreciate the sediment of your "prayer" and it may show up in a new essay I'm writing.

Your New Sleeping Aid said...

Yeah. No one with true faith asks God to hook them up with a few bucks, or "Jesus, sweeeet Jes-us. Please! Don't let the rice get sticky."

I think you screwed up. You should be a LLC. Since you are not claiming any responsibility, you should really claim limited liability.

SebbaJ said...

I talk to God more than I pray. I ask random questions that I know the answers to out of frustration...mainly because he listens without interruption and because I don't want an immediate reply. I've always had mixed feelings about religion, but I think its best figured out by one's self.

Brillig said...

Sebba, what if God is just waiting to answer all those questions after you die? Can you imagine meeting the all-mighty for the first time and he whips out a list and starts going through a whole bunch of random answers?
God: “Hello Sarah, in response to your questions. Yes, no, no, no, definitely no, What are you asking me for, I’m busy, no, OK, etc, etc…” For a full year this could go on.