Monday, October 25, 2004

Appreciating our Gamers

I would like to talk about video gamers. These are, I feel, an unappreciated bunch of people in our society. Now I’m not talking about people who just play video games as a small diversion every now and then. I am talking about those magnificent bastards out there who own at least one item of clothing that either sports a game logo or is homage to a game. These individuals are simply called “gamers”.
I feel like those who spent most of their young years mastering thumb and eye coordination need to be appreciated for their accomplishments. Who out there can repeat the contra code from memory? Or how about knowing more than twelve game systems off the top of their head? I from time to time have met a fellow gamer out and about and I tell you it’s almost more interesting to me to talk to someone about how gaming culture has progressed over the years than about the usual BS people talk about. I can’t talk about sports, but man if you wanna talk Tony Hawk Pro Skater or RC PRO AM…forget about it.
I got married about a year ago. My wife had played some NES games but not a lot (she still moves her hands while she’s playing). But I kind of got her into gaming. I can’t tell you how cool it is to sit down with your girlfriend or spouse and play some games. It’s like that happy after sex feeling. For you guys out there who want to start you’re girls playing I recommend Cookies and Cream: PS2. It is a little lame looking and sounding I know but it is actually a little fun. The thing that’s so cool about this game is that it requires two players and both need each other to continue. Now my wife has beaten several games including Prince of Persia. I’m so proud. Point is I wanna see more respect for those of us out there who can show some MAD gaming skills. How many of us have taken shit for the amount of hours we put in or the time we spend inside. Well, those fools usually aren’t good at anything and you could probably kill them at Mortal Kombat.


Mad Mike said...

I too used to be an avid gamer, used to know the contra code, mario unlimited life cheats, endless combos and countless character special moves. Then this amazing thing happened to me, I grew hair on my balls. To me popping a quarter into an arcade machine was less important than popping... well you get the picture. I bet you probably don't even have a job. I bet your roomate comes home from either one of his two or three jobs and sees you playing your damn precious games while he is forced to work to pay the rent.

Oh but tony hawk pro skater is pretty cool.

Your New Sleeping Aid said...

Wait a minute? You are unemployed? What are you doing? Get off your butt and find a job, you bum! Mike has three jobs?