Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kill Yourself

‘Cause No One Else is Gonna Do it for Ya

Don’t think you can handle one more pointless office meeting? Co-workers really, really, getting on your nerves? Someone ate your lunch, again! Time to do yourself a favor…and die.

LJ and I were web surfing today when we came across this fun game on [adult swim] dotcom. I love the premise. You have to find a way of killing yourself before time runs out and you have to go to another office meeting. Brilliant! We spent a good thirty minutes playing. I managed to off myself in only two trys. Method? Lets just say impaled with an umbrella. Give it a quick try and see. We loved it.

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)


Patrick Jolle said...

i was finally attacked by a shark and died on my second try!

Mommyjolle said...

Are you getting a little behind on your blogging?

mommyjolle said...

And Laura is even further behind in her blog! Don't you know there are inquiring minds out here just drying up for lack of input? How can I live vacariously through my children if they don't publish their innermost thoughts on the internet? O.K., get off your butts and starting typing some brilliant, creative, funny stuff! Right now!.....are you still sitting there?

P.S. Tell Laura we are ecstatic about her good news about the job! You go, girl!

Mom and Dad and Bart and Angel