Friday, March 17, 2006

Will Dig for Food

Ok so here’s the deal, I went for an interview today with a CRM firm (Cultural Research Management) and was offered a job. This job is basically part-time until they have more work that, from what I’m told, will be all spring summer and fall. So in the meantime I will still be working at The Shack but will be leaving increasingly for more and more archaeological work. The job is going to pay me quite a bit more than Radio Shack, and I have all sorts of room for advancement (with more pay of coarse). I am nothing if not ruthless in fighting for advancements at work.

This is really great especially considering what happened with the CLAST in Florida. This is also a huge ego boost. I mean, the job set up is perfect so that I can work and get the CLAST finished. Also, if I keep both jobs I can be making some real BUCK$!

The CRM guy tells me that I may be working what are called tens. These are ten days on the job in remote areas of Nevada, followed by four days off. He tells me that I will see parts of this country that are remote as hell and more beautiful than the places most people get to see. I can’t wait. I just hope this doesn’t put a strain on LJ and I, but she knew this was what had to happen with this career choice, and I know she’ll like the money. My new boss also seems to think that I’ll fit right in with the crew. “There are some tough hombres that work here”, he tells me “You should fit right in.”

While I was in Pensacola Mike, LJ, her parents and I went out to a restaurant. Once seated the waitress came over and to my amazement it was one of the girls I did my field school with. I am not trying to be demeaning here because God knows I am still not much better off. When I saw that it was her though, the class suck-up and all around know-it-all, I was heart sunk. I felt more than ever that I would never use my training as an archaeologist. I felt like I was doomed to work in low-level sales all my life. I mean if anyone was going to go places and make a name for themselves, hell even just get a job as an honest to God archaeologist, it was her. So, today was a huge day for me. Finally, I am taking the first steps in doing what I set out to do all those years ago. Who knows, maybe I’ll love it, and this will be my career. Not to mention, I will finally be able to wear my Indiana Jones hat with pride instead of longing.

Things that I expected:

The work is unsteady and the only full time jobs are for those who have been there for years

I will have to go out for long stints in the field

What you learn in school and the way it is in the real world are as different as night an day

All professional archaeologists wear earth tones

Things I didn’t expect:

There is no digging in the west when doing basic survey. Not even brushing

If something must be dug it is with a backhoe

My father sent me to college so that I wouldn’t become a ditch-digger…sorry dad.


mommyjolle said...

OH WOW! I am SOOOOO PROUD of you! And I am so majorly excited about this job. It absolutely sounds like you to a T! You have always been so into the outdoors and doing stuff like this...and to be in such a dramatically beautiful area. It seems right that you are back in a place that you enjoyed so much on your senior trip.The only thing missing is dive opportunities but, who knows, maybe that will happen too.
One piece of advice and a question: Wear your Indiana Jones hat at home or you'll look like a FNG and do you get to drive the backhoe too? Now THAT's awesome!

mommyjolle said...

Please send me a digital picture of you in your Indiana Jones outfit and a picture of Laura in her official NPS outfit so I can post it in my classroom!

Thousandlegs said...

Well, sir, I must say that I'm nearly as proud of you as mommyjolle. Except that I didn't carry you in my womb and what not. I just talked to LJ and it sounds like you guys are enjoying the wild west. I hope that we can all get together again sometime soon. I promise that I'll leave the jam band music at home.

super_spam said...

This calls for a toast! I raise my diamond encrusted pimp chalice in your honor.

You have so much potential, beyond working for the 'shack'. This sounds like work that you are really fashioned for.

So tell me!...and I'm dying to know...Do archeologists wear earth tones?

Da Beef said...

Congrats on the job! It sounds like you guys are doing well. Missing you guys already too! Oh...when you are out on in the out for those really BIG snakes!!!! Maybe I'll get a chance to talk to you guys soon too. Do you have free weekends on the cell?

Brillig said...

Snakes...why'd it have to be snakes. Thanks for the suport guys. Yeah we have free weekend minutes so feel free to call. Weekdays are the ones we have to save.

mommyjolle said...

Hey, I saw your 7th grade teacher, Mr. Zoll today and I told him you are an archaeologist now. He's suitably impressed...and astounded!

Mad Mike said...

Yeah, astounded you made it past the 8th grade.