Thursday, December 16, 2004

Not too Interesting

My birthday was last Sunday and my wife got me this great present. It’s a joystick, much like the old Atari ones, that hooks up to your TV and has five old games on it. PAC-MAN is the first one. So I am playing it and my roommate Mike starts to as well. No more than a day later we are both glued to the TV playing PAC-MAN in rapid succession trying to out score one another. He’ll through down the gauntlet by scoring 1,000 points higher then I’ll break it and the cycle continues. This kinda brings back a sense nostalgia for the old Atari but also its just fun to sit there and play this silly game and trash talk each other.
I love gaming. But I have also found that I love gaming with other people. This is a revelation for a guy who has always been a kind of loner. I remember playing R6 with Courtney when we were roomies. That was fun and addictive as well. I also started playing games with my wife. It’s amazing how gaming is geared towards being a singular pastime but can be a fuller, richer experience with others.
Eh, this is going to be a short blog. I’m suffering some serious writer’s block and this topic is getting old quick. If anyone out there has some good topic ideas throw ‘em this way. Until later cats.
Oh, and Mike will want you all to know that currently he has the highest score of 42,000 or near that, however I got some bad news for you my friend I am closing in fast.


Your New Sleeping Aid said...

You should discuss the repercussions of the invention of the word "Baduber," and the use of the word "Bizarro"

Mad Mike said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that Pac Man has brought us closer together. But just remember, I am the Pac Man god! I eat those ghost bitched like it was my job. All that I see are those little damn dots and I munch on em like Rosie O' Donnell at an all you can eat buffet. What's sad is that you'll waste your entire Hawaii trip indoors trying to push 40,000. Get outside you bastard, live life, play Pac Man when you come home (with the Pac Man God).


mommyjolle said...

I could probably beat you at all my practice playing it on my about putting your priorities where they should be! Pac-Man was a little tougher, I don't have great hand-eye coordination.

Other topics to consider posting on. Reflection on college now that you see the light at the end of the tunnel. I remember when getting you to read was like pulling a whale uphill through a mudslide! Or perhaps some comments on work ethics, you've certainly seen some variations on that in the last few years. Good writers write about what they know...what they can express that they have personally experienced. So, Mark, what do you know? (Hint: I REALLY liked your essay about the boy on the 50 mile hike. Very poignant)